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How to find type and size of content of a filegroup in SQL server?

I have a database using two filegroups. Let's call them PRIMARY and FG1. All data was originally in PRIMARY and then moved to be in FG1. This was achieved by moving the clustered indexes to FG1. The other indexes were removed and recreated without specifying a file group, but FG1 was defined as default so they are now effectively in FG1.

However, the file for PRIMARY still gets filled over time.

How can I find the type of stuff that remains in PRIMARY, including its size?

My goal is to get really everything over to FG1 so that PRIMARY doesn't get filled anymore.

Answer Source

Here's a script which lists all objects and all indexes in all filegroups:

-- List all Objects and Indexes 
-- per Filegroup / Partition and Allocation Type 
-- including the allocated data size 
SELECT AS DataSpaceName 
  ,AU.type_desc AS AllocationDesc 
  ,AU.total_pages / 128 AS TotalSizeMB 
  ,AU.used_pages / 128 AS UsedSizeMB 
  ,AU.data_pages / 128 AS DataSizeMB 
  , AS SchemaName 
  ,OBJ.type_desc AS ObjectType       
  , AS ObjectName 
  ,IDX.type_desc AS IndexType 
  , AS IndexName 
FROM sys.data_spaces AS DS 
 INNER JOIN sys.allocation_units AS AU 
     ON DS.data_space_id = AU.data_space_id 
 INNER JOIN sys.partitions AS PA 
     ON (AU.type IN (1, 3)  
         AND AU.container_id = PA.hobt_id) 
        (AU.type = 2 
         AND AU.container_id = PA.partition_id) 
 INNER JOIN sys.objects AS OBJ 
     ON PA.object_id = OBJ.object_id 
 INNER JOIN sys.schemas AS SCH 
     ON OBJ.schema_id = SCH.schema_id 
 LEFT JOIN sys.indexes AS IDX 
     ON PA.object_id = IDX.object_id 
        AND PA.index_id = IDX.index_id 

Thanks @Raphaƫl Althaus for the link in the comments on the question.

Regarding the second point in my question I couldn't move the remaining objects from PRIMARY as it is LOB data. According to the documentation of CREATE TABLE, "the storage of any large column data specified in CREATE TABLE cannot be subsequently altered." Bad luck.

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