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JSON Question

JSON slashes and backslashes in string on bourne shell

I am trying to parse json files that contain sequences of slashes and backslashes in some of their strings like this:

echo '{"tag_string":"/\/\/\ test"}' | jq

which gives me:

parse error: Invalid escape at line 1, column 27

I have tried escaping with backslashes at different positions, but I can't seem to find a correct way. How do I output the string as it is, without removing any character or getting errors?

This only works on bash, but not sh (or zsh):

echo '{"tag_string":"/\\/\\/\\ test"}' | jq -r '.tag_string'
/\/\/\ test

Answer Source

If you are trying to include literal backslashes:


echo '{"tag_string":"/\\/\\/\\ test"}' | jq
  "tag_string": "/\\/\\/\\ test"

echo '{"tag_string":"/\\/\\/\\ test"}' | jq -r '.["tag_string"]'
/\/\/\ test


echo '{"tag_string":"/\\\\/\\\\/\\\\ test"}' | jq -r '.["tag_string"]'
/\/\/\ test

printf "%s" '{"tag_string":"/\\/\\/\\ test"}' | jq -r '.["tag_string"]'
/\/\/\ test
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