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Swift Question

UITableViewCell checkmark change on select

Am I correct in thinking that to change the checkmark for "on" to "off", I must change the

on the

Because I have done this but I have noticed the behaviour is not perfectly identical to like the checkmark cells on the auto lock settings on the iphone.

Or is there some other way checkmarks are meant to be handled?

Answer Source
  1. Keep a property in your view controller called selectedRow, which represents the index of a row that represents the checked item in a table section.

  2. In your view controller's -tableView:cellForRowAtIndexPath: delegate method, set the accessoryType of the cell to UITableViewCellAccessoryCheckmark if the cell's indexPath.row equals the selectedRow value. Otherwise, set it to UITableViewCellAccessoryNone.

  3. In your view controller's -tableView:didSelectRowAtIndexPath: delegate method, set the selectedRow value to the indexPath.row that is selected, e.g.: self.selectedRow = indexPath.row

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