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calculation of week number in R

I have found many answer regarding the week number of a particular date. What I want is to get a week number for 2 years i.e for first year it will give 1 to 53 weeks and then keep the count from 53 only and should not start with 1 again. Is it possible in R?. Example data is shown below:

enter image description here

Answer Source

We can use rep to add 53 to the vector ('vN2') after finding the number of observations for each year.

vN2 + rep(c(0, 53), tapply(vN2, cumsum(c(TRUE, diff(vN2) < 0)), FUN = length))


vN <- rep(1:53, sample(1:5, 53, replace=TRUE))
vN1 <- rep(1:53, sample(1:6, 53, replace=TRUE))
vN2 <- c(vN, vN1)
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