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Node.js Question

Elastic Beanstalk node.js app served through SSL

I have develop an node.js app and successfully upload and deploy it using AWS tools and Elastic Beanstalk. My app is reachable through the url provided by EB.

I create a SSL Certification through AWS Certificate Manager and assign it from configuration menu. Load Balancer Config

When i checked Load balancer and security group configuration everything looks fine but if i'm trying to get i get privacy error response.

I think that this is more likely a Amazon support question but maybe someone know if i miss something.


Answer Source

The SSL certificate will be for a specific domain. It is certainly not for the domain because you don't own the domain so there's no way you could have created a valid SSL certificate for that domain. The SSL certificate is only going to work with the custom domain you created the certificate for, and only when you have that custom domain actually pointing to your Elastic Beanstalk environment.

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