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C# Question

How can I wrap text in a label using WPF?

I have a

and a Label. After clicking a button, I execute the following code:

label1.Content = textbox1.Text;

My question is, how do I enable text wrapping of the label? There may be too much text to display on one line, and I want it to automatically wrap to multiple lines if that is the case.

Answer Source

The Label control doesn't directly support text wrapping in WPF. You should use a TextBlock instead. (Of course, you can place the TextBlock inside of a Label control, if you wish.)

Sample code:

<TextBlock TextWrapping="WrapWithOverflow">
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec adipiscing
    nulla quis libero egestas lobortis. Duis blandit imperdiet ornare. Nulla
    ac arcu ut purus placerat congue. Integer pretium fermentum gravida.
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