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React JSX Question

map function not working in React

I am new to React JS, I was testing out some functions in fiddler. I am not sure why I get an error pointing to the map function. I am not able to render the array i defined.

Relevant snippet:

<b>Category Name:</b> {productSpec};

Full code:

var productCategory = {
productName: 'SamamgaTV1',
productCategory: 'Television',
productSpecs: ['32inch','black','hd']

var ProductComponent = React.createClass({
render: function() {
return( <div>
<b>Product Name:</b> {this.props.data.productName}
<b>Category Name:</b> {this.props.data.productCategory}
<b>Category Name:</b> {productSpec};

<ProductComponent data={productCategory} />,

Answer Source

First you missed to return, then you must return ONE element. Here you return a <p> and a TextNode

Moreover you need to provide a unique key.

Try with this :

{this.props.data.productSpecs.map(function(productSpec, i){
        return <span key={i}><b>Category Name:</b> {productSpec}</span>;
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