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iOS Question

Do I need to write all the child objects in a class in realm as well?

Following the example code as shown:

// Define your models like regular Swift classes
class Dog: Object {
dynamic var name = ""
dynamic var age = 0
class Person: Object {
dynamic var name = ""
dynamic var picture: NSData? = nil // optionals supported
let dogs = List<Dog>()

// Use them like regular Swift objects
let myperson = Person()
let mydog = Dog()
mydog.name = "Rex"

// Persist your data easily
let realm = try! Realm()
try! realm.write {
// do I need to add this statement??

Do I need to persist the mydog object as well, or that Realm is smart enough to know that it is a new child object of the myperson and it will persist it for me?

Answer Source

No you do not need to persist the actual dog object, if you already persist an object containing it.