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Javascript Question

Event fired when clearing text input on IE10 with clear icon

On chrome, the "search" event is fired on search inputs when user clicks the clear button.

Is there a way to capture the same event in javascript on Internet Explorer 10?

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Answer Source

The only solution I finally found:

// There are 2 events fired on input element when clicking on the clear button:
// mousedown and mouseup.
$("input").bind("mouseup", function(e){
  var $input = $(this),
      oldValue = $input.val();

  if (oldValue == "") return;

  // When this event is fired after clicking on the clear button
  // the value is not cleared yet. We have to wait for it.
    var newValue = $input.val();

    if (newValue == ""){
      // Gotcha
  }, 1);
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