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SQL Joins Vs SQL Subqueries (Performance)?

I wish to know if I have a join query something like this -

Select E.Id,E.Name from Employee E join Dept D on E.DeptId=D.Id

and a subquery something like this -

Select E.Id,E.Name from Employee Where DeptId in (Select Id from Dept)

When I consider performance which of the two queries would be faster and why ?

Also is there a time when I should prefer one over the other?

Sorry if this is too trivial and asked before but I am confused about it. Also, it would be great if you guys can suggest me tools i should use to measure performance of two queries. Thanks a lot!

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I would EXPECT the first query to be quicker, mainly because you have an equivalence and an explicit JOIN. In my experience IN is a very slow operator, since SQL normally evaluates it as a series of WHERE clauses separated by "OR" (WHERE x=Y OR x=Z OR...).

As with ALL THINGS SQL though, your mileage may vary. The speed will depend a lot on indexes (do you have indexes on both ID columns? That will help a lot...) among other things.

The only REAL way to tell with 100% certainty which is faster is to turn on performance tracking (IO Statistics is especially useful) and run them both. Make sure to clear your cache between runs!