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How can I specify a class method as a callback target in Python?

I'm using the sftp module of paramiko to transfer payloads to remote hosts. Part of the

call allows for specifying a callback method with signature
. I'm trying to put a transfer stats method into my
class to keep track of payload progress.

Here's the class I have currently:

class Connection:

def __init__(self, endpoint, RSAKeyObj):
self.displayHost = bcolors.OKGREEN + endpoint + bcolors.ENDC
self.transport = paramiko.Transport((endpoint,4022))
self.transport.connect(username='transit', pkey=RSAKeyObj)
self.sftp = paramiko.SFTPClient.from_transport(self.transport)

# initial sftp directory setup'[{0}]: Setting up remote directories...'.format(self.displayHost))

def static_vars(**kwargs):
def decorate(func):
for k in kwargs:
setattr(func, k, kwargs[k])
return func
return decorate

def TransferStats(self, transferedBytes, totalBytes):
if (transferedBytes / totalBytes) >= TransferStats.counter:'Transferred: {}% [{}/{}]'.format(round((transferedBytes/totalBytes)*100,2), transferedBytes, totalBytes))
TransferStats.counter += 0.025

def Transmit(self,targetDir, payloadPath):
displayText = 'Transferring package {}...'.format(payloadPath)
self.TransferStats().counter=0'[%s] ' % self.displayHost + displayText), '%s/%s' % (targetDir,payloadPath), callback=self.TransferStats()))

However when I try this, I get the following error:

ERROR - (, TypeError('TransferStats() takes exactly 3 arguments (1 given)',), )

This makes me think that the callback isn't getting recognized by paramiko when it tries to send it's
because of the
declaration. Is there a way around this?

Answer Source

Your problem is in :, '%s/%s' % (targetDir,payloadPath), callback=self.TransferStats()))

Your error :

ERROR - (, TypeError('TransferStats() takes exactly 3 arguments (1 given)',), )

Is caused by calling TransferStats with no arguments (self.TransferStats() will result in 1 argument : the class (as it is a class method))

Just pass the classmethod:, '%s/%s' % (targetDir,payloadPath), callback=self.TransferStats))

EDIT : You have the same problem in the following line :


Remove the parentheses :


Also, your counter attribute on TransferStats is a hidden a global, resetted at each Transmit call.

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