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LD_PRELOAD with file functions

I have a rather peculiar file format to work with:
Every line begins with the checksum of its content, followed by a new-line-character.

It looks like this:


My goal: To allow any application to work with these files like they would work with any other text file - unaware of the additional checksums at the beginning of each line.

Since I work on a linux machine with debian wheezy (kernel 3.18.26) I want to use the LD_PRELOAD-mechanism to override the relevant file functions.
I have seen something like this with zlibc on https://zlibc.linux.lu/index.html - with an explanation of how it works ( https://zlibc.linux.lu/zlibc.html#SEC8 ).

But I dont get it. They only replace the file-opening functions. No read. No write. no fseek. Nothing. So how does it work?
Or - which functions would I have to intercept to handle every read or write operation on this file and handle them accordingly?

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I didn't exactly check how it works but the reason seems to be quite simple.

Possible implementation:

zlibc open:

  1. uncompress file you wanted to open to some temporary file
  2. open this temporary file instead of yours

zlibc close:

  1. Compress temporary file
  2. Override original file

In this case you don't need to override read/write/etc because you can use original ones.

In your case you have two possible solutions:

  1. open, that make a copy of your file with striped checksums. close that calculates checksums and override original file
  2. read and write that are able to skip/calculate checksums.

Ad 2. From What is the difference between read() and fread()?:

fread() is part of the C library, and provides buffered reads. It is usually implemented by calling read() in order to fill its buffer

In this case I believe that overriding open and close will be less error prone because you can safely reuse original read, write, fread, fseek etc.

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