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BlueZ vs Bluedroid bluetooth stack

BlueZ have a lot of documentations and all. And from the same, i understood BlueZ supports A2DP sink support. And at the same time an android device can be made act as an A2DP sink by modifying the audio.conf file inside the same.

I also came to know that from android 4.2 onwards, the BlueZ stack was replaced by Broadcom's Bluedroid stack. I searched a lot about Bluedroid stack. But i was not able to find much details about the same.

Hope someone can help me with the following doubts.

1). Whether Bluedroid have A2DP sink support?

2). Whether the audio.conf file will be available for devices having bluedroid stack?

3). I am going to write an A2DP sink support for an android device by directly calling API's of BlueZ stack. But my final question is whether the same can be used with Bluedroid stack also? Hope Bluedroid is just an expansion of BlueZ.

Please help.

Answer Source

Bluedroid is a stack provided by Broadcom and is now opensource in android . Bluedroid is not related with bluez in any respect, it has few advantages over bluez(i differ to that).

[1]. Bluedroid does not have a2dp sink support as of now, as per code available source code only a2dp source support is available

[2]. Audio.conf file is for bluez stack, it is not a part of bluedroid

[3]. Directly calling Bluez API-- i think you will use dbus calls but bluedroid does not support dbus method calls, it has a callback mechanism implemented, so it will not work, bluedroid is not an expansion of bluez.

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