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iOS Question

The button IOS into Add platform or version is not working, Cannot upload a new version to the AppStore using ITUNES CONNECT

I don't know what is happening with Itunes Connect, I cannot upload a new version of my application. The problem is that the button IOS into the Add New version or platform doesn't work!!!

I click on the 'Add New version or platform' and it show me the popup, but when I press on the ios item, nothing happens I inspected the web of the Itunes and it just throw me css warning. See the image attached, as you can see the button is disable

I really need to upload the new version to production, there is a big bug that need to be resolved as soon as posible.[enter image description here]


It is a bug of Itunes connect. Apple will fix, but a quick solution to this issue is explained in the response to this post.


Apple reply me that they will take care about it, but they didn't say that it is a bug of their page. I coudln't wait for a solution from apple so I inspected the elements of the web an try to find out a way to solve my problem, and finally I found it!!

The solution

Image of the DOM

As you can see in the image there are a list of < a > where only two of them the ng-show is true, so my solution is delete the < a > where the ng-show contains the attribute !canCreateVersions and into the first < a > delete the ng-show attribute, and the ng-hide class, so the button that works is the first that appears in the first place of the list where the ng-click action is openVersionModal.

<a href="" ng-click="openVersionModal(platform.platform)" class="ng-binding ">iOS</a>

The li should looks like this :