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Change destination folder of JAR files in Netbeans 7

I'm working on a multiproject solution for a client and we're trying to have all our builds automatically go into a predetermined BIN folder. All the C++ projects were easily enough moved over but the Java side has proven not so easily configured. When I go to the project's properties and go to Build->Packaging the "JAR File:" text box shows a read-only text-box pointing to "dist/App.jar" (which I would like to change to "../../../bin/App.jar". Any thoughts on how to do this?

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You can change the dist-folder by editing the dist.dir key in the project.propertiesfile which is located in the nbproject directory from




In my case the key is in line 24. The name of the jar-file itself is determined by the dist.jar key, if you would need to rename the file aswell.

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