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Can't invoke celery task in Django tests synchronously

I'd like to invoke celery tasks synchronously during my Django tests without need to run celery worker. To achieve this I have specified

in my but it doesn't seem to work. So I decided to apply override_settings decorator to specific test that looks like this

@override_settings(CELERY_ALWAYS_EAGER=True, BROKER_BACKEND='memory',
def test_foo(self):

Unfortunately, this test still invokes task in my celery worker. What I can be missing? To be specific, I'm using Django 1.10 with Celery 4.0.0.


In celery 4.0 configuration parameters has changed,

Try these instead in your tests,


I was facing same issue, solved using new lowercase names for tests as well as in default celery settings.

Here is new settings to original settings map,

Celery settings change info: