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C++ Question

This loop terminates even though the condition is still met

Hello this is my second question for the same c++ program (sorry if this is a simple issue)

I am trying to use a loop to check if a input was valid. However this loop doesn't seem to respect if the input was valid or not.

int b(-1);
check = false;
while (b < 1 || b > 12)
if (check)
std::cout<<"Sorry try again!\nMonth: ";
check = true;
} // I had this as {

If the user inputs a value between 1 and 12. Otherwise continue with the loop.

However when I run the program and input a non-valid input it continues on.

Year: 2017
Month *In number format*: 20

Even -1 doesn't work and that is weird because I set the value as -1 before the loop starts.

Year: 2017
Month *In number format*: -1

Is it the use of the or statement with less than and greater than?

Solved because I accidentally inputted the wrong curly bracket.

Answer Source

I cant see the end of your while loop. Please post the complete while loop. Provided logic seem to be good.

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