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How to effectively pause a game in spritekit?

This seems like such a basic concept but there is really no good answer.

I currently have a pretty basic setup, in my game's scene, I have an

enum gameState
which is currently either

I have my button set up, and I have it so pressing simply toggles

Then, to make it work, I have two separate update methods: One for when
, one for when

This works for 95% of my game, as the updates in my game can be pretty readily started and stopped without any issues. There are some issues I cannot tackle though.

First and foremost are actions. I use
for a bit of my project (some movement, scaling, fading...) and this method does NOT pause them. This can be catastrophic in certain points. Secondly, this doesn't handle particles, physics, and a few other things that are not directly associated to my update methods.

The only clue I have is
self.view.paused = YES
, but that isn't going to work either.

First off, this DOES fix my actions, particles, and physics problem... kinda. But This question suggests that
aren't actually PAUSED by this, but actually STOPPED completely. Is this true? If it is, then it won't work smoothly either because my actions are thrown out of whack.

Also, pausing the view seems to do what it says: stop everything. EVERYTHING. Newbie question here, but how am I supposed to get any code to run at that point? It's all cut off. Is this where I need
? I have never used a
yet, but it sounds like its what I want in this case.

Simply put, there are a lot of unanswered questions for me, and I don't know how to proceed. I'm hoping there's some 'standard procedure' for pausing in
Sprite Kit
, but with pausing the view halting actions I truly have no idea where to proceed.

Should I move away from using actions? Is my idea of a pause

I don't want to babble, all I want to know is how you go about pausing in your average
Sprite Kit
project. Additional info provided upon request.

Answer Source

Pausing a node will pause (not stop) the node's actions, and i suppose pause will also be applied to all children of the paused node in the same way. All other unpaused nodes will continue to run their actions to completion.

You should have a "game layer" node with all game nodes in them that you want to pause, and then just pause that "game layer" node. Then have a "pause game menu" node where you add all the pause menu stuff you need which will continue to function normally even if the game layer is paused.

Be very sure you do not use performSelector or NSTimer or GCD or any other scheduling methods besides actions or the scene's update: method because those will not adhere to a node's paused state.

Pausing the view effectively freezes everything in it, pausing the scene according to some will not pause the update: calls - but I have not verified this myself. If this were the case you can always check inside the update method whether a given node that you send a message to is paused and if so, decide not to send certain messages to that node.

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