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Prevent other applications form capturing/recording screen


My application has video streaming and I want to protect my video streaming from other applications. Other applications should not be able to capture screen while my video is playing. Any suggestions how can i achieve this.. Thanks in advance.

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You can secure screen capturing functionality by adding FLAG_SECURE into your Activity as follows

  getWindow().setFlags(LayoutParams.FLAG_SECURE, LayoutParams.FLAG_SECURE); 

Check this link which says

Screen capturing and sharing

Android 5.0 lets you add screen capturing and screen sharing capabilities to your app with the new android.media.projection APIs. This functionality is useful, for example, if you want to enable screen sharing in a video conferencing app.

The new createVirtualDisplay() method allows your app to capture the contents of the main screen (the default display) into a Surface object, which your app can then send across the network. The API only allows capturing non-secure screen content, and not system audio. To begin screen capturing, your app must first request the user’s permission by launching a screen capture dialog using an Intent obtained through the createScreenCaptureIntent() method.

Also documentation at this link says that

Window flag: treat the content of the window as secure, preventing it from appearing in screenshots or from being viewed on non-secure displays.

Above solution will surely prevent applications from capturing Video of your app

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