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Unit Testing Syntax error, react, mocha

I'm attempting to set up some tests for my react app with enzyme, mocha and chai. (I'm also using webpack). I have Karma set up for my in-browser tests but i'd like to run these tests with just node.

I'm currently getting a syntax error when it tries to run the test. I'm not sure how to resolve it.

Update: I am running my tests with es6

mocha 'components/**/*.test.js' --recursive --compilers js:babel-register

The error I get is:

8 | describe('<button />', () => {
9 | it('renders something', () => {
> 10 | const wrapper = shallow(<button />)
11 | expect(wrapper)
12 | })

Answer Source

You need to set up Babel before it can handle JSX syntax.

There are two options: add the configuration to your package.json, or create a file called .babelrc that contains the configuration.

First, install babel-preset-react:

$ npm i babel-preset-react --save

Next, add the following to your package.json:

"babel": {
  "presets": [ "react" ]

(or add that object, without the "babel" key, to .babelrc)

Another preset that you may likely want to use is babel-preset-es2015, which you can add in a similar fashion (just add it to the presets array).

More documentation on Babel configuration here and here (specifically for es2015).

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