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How to send emails via cron job usng PHP mysql

i managed to send multiple emails (check here).i am stuck with sending automated emails via cron.

This is what i need - while the admin send emails, i store the message, emails, event date in the database. now i am trying to set a cron job to send emails to all these ids from the table with the message i have as a reminder. i am not familiar with cron job scripting, can anyone help in guiding me the right way to write script that i can place in cron tab. I am planning to send two mails - one day exactly before the event and on the day of event.thanks

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Just write a normal PHP script -- make one that will work if it's launched directly from the browser. Then schedule that very same PHP file to run in cron, using this as a guide:


Basically, using the values at the beginning, specify the schedule (minute, hour, day of week, day of month, etc.). Then set the user it runs as, which is likely to be "apache" or whatever your web server daemon is running under. Then set the "command" that cron is running to be php php_email_script.php (where "php_email_script.php" is the name of your PHP file.

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