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SQL Question

How to keep only one row of a table, removing duplicate rows?

I have a table that has a lot of duplicates in the Name column. I'd
like to only keep one row for each.

The following lists the duplicates, but I don't know how to delete the
duplicates and just keep one:

SELECT name FROM members GROUP BY name HAVING COUNT(*) > 1;

Thank you.

Answer Source

See the following question: Deleting duplicate rows from a table.

The adapted accepted answer from there (which is my answer, so no "theft" here...):

You can do it in a simple way assuming you have a unique ID field: you can delete all records that are the same except for the ID, but don't have "the minimum ID" for their name.

Example query:

    FROM members
    GROUP BY name

In case you don't have a unique index, my recommendation is to simply add an auto-incremental unique index. Mainly because it's good design, but also because it will allow you to run the query above.

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