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Python Question

How to convert an H:MM:SS time string to seconds in Python?

Basically I have the inverse of this problem: Python Time Seconds to h:m:s

I have a string in the format H:MM:SS (always 2 digits for minutes and seconds), and I need the integer number of seconds that it represents. How can I do this in python?

For example:

  • "1:23:45" would produce an output of 5025

  • "0:04:15" would produce an output of 255

  • "0:00:25" would produce an output of 25


Answer Source
def get_sec(time_str):
    h, m, s = time_str.split(':')
    return int(h) * 3600 + int(m) * 60 + int(s)

print get_sec('1:23:45')
print get_sec('0:04:15')
print get_sec('0:00:25')
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