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Why do I get a PHPDoc warning in PhpStorm over this code

I can't understand why PhpStorm gives me the following warning

PHPDoc comment does not match function or method signature
over this method:

* Create a new instance of the class
* @param string $classname Class to instantiate
* @return object the instance
* @throw FactoryException If the class is not instantiable
private function newInstance($classname) {
$reflectionClass = new \ReflectionClass($classname);
if (! $reflectionClass->isInstantiable()) {
throw new FactoryException("The class $classname is not instantiable.");
return new $classname;

The warning isn't very specific, I've tried several things like changing the return type to "Object", "mixed" or even "int" (to try) but it didn't change. What is the problem here ?

Answer Source

It should be @throws not @throw.

If you just type /** over the line of a function or class var declaration it'll auto insert a base PHPDoc for you. That's how I noticed the difference.

enter image description here

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