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Python Question

Get IP Address when testing flask application through nosetests

My application depends on

which is
when i run tests through nosetests which uses
app.test_client().post('/users/login', ....)

How can I emulate an IP ( works fine) when I run tests?
I've tried setting environment variables, sent in headers with the post() method and I've digged through nosetests, werkzeugs and flasks documentation but nothing I've tried has worked.


A friend gave me this solution, which works across all requests:

class myProxyHack(object):

    def __init__(self, app): = app

    def __call__(self, environ, start_response):
        environ['REMOTE_ADDR'] = environ.get('REMOTE_ADDR', '')
        return, start_response)

app.wsgi_app = myProxyHack(app.wsgi_app)