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How to mark a radio button as checked with no action performed?

I have a form with

controls. When people click on the buttons/boxes it saves the results to my DB. Later, I might want someone else to retrieve the form and make changes or continue using it.

When I pull the info back from the database into a new "search" form (that looks exactly like the form used to submit the data), I want the radio buttons to reflect the state they were in when the form was saved. So if a box was TRUE (checked) when saved, I want it to show TRUE (checked) on the new form.

HOWEVER, when I use

radiobutton.checked = True

It DOES mark my button as checked.... it ALSO acts like the button was clicked again. So I have duplicate results in my database. It will keep doing this every time the form is opened.

So, I want a way to mark the box as checked (the state it was in when saved) but NOT CAUSE THE EVENT AGAIN.

Here's an example:

str = "SELECT * from OpenEvents WHERE EventID = " & eventId & ""
Dim cmd6 As OleDbCommand = New OleDbCommand(str, myConnection)
dr = cmd6.ExecuteReader()
While dr.Read()
contactType = dr("ContactType").ToString
abend = dr("Abend").ToString
paged = dr("Paged").ToString
shortSummary = dr("ShortSummary").ToString
eventNotes = dr("EventNotes").ToString
impacting = dr("Impacting").ToString
L1Engaged = dr("L1Engaged").ToString
L2Engaged = dr("L2Engaged").ToString
managerEngaged = dr("ManagerEngaged")
IncTicket = dr("IncTicket").ToString
End While

If contactType = "Call" Then
CallRadioButton.Checked = True
ElseIf contactType = "IM" Then
IMRadioButton.Checked = True
ElseIf contactType = "Other" Then
OtherRadioButton.Checked = True
ElseIf contactType = "Alert" Then
AlertRadioButton.Checked = True
End If

If abend = "True" Then AbendCheckBox.Checked = True
If paged = "True" Then PagedYes.Checked = True
ShortSummaryTextBox.Text = shortSummary
DetailsTextBox.Text = eventNotes
If impacting = "True" Then ImpactingYesRadioButton.Checked = True
If L1Engaged = "True" Then L1YesRadioButton.Checked = True
If L2Engaged = "True" Then L2YesRadioButton.Checked = True
If managerEngaged = "True" Then ManagerYesRadioButton.Checked = True
IncTicketTextBox.Text = IncTicket


You could use Click event instead of CheckedChanged event.

Doing so, if you want to raise the event linked to the RadioButton you can use PerformClick instead of Checked = True.

If you want to change checked status without raising the event you can use Checked = True.

Here a little example:

Private Sub RadioButton1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles RadioButton1.Click, RadioButton2.Click, RadioButton3.Click
    Select Case
        Case Is = "RadioButton1"
            Me.Label1.BackgroundColor = Color.Yellow
            Me.Label2.BackgroundColor = Color.Gray
            Me.Label3.BackgroundColor = Color.Gray
        Case Is = "RadioButton2"
            Me.Label1.BackgroundColor = Color.Gray
            Me.Label2.BackgroundColor = Color.Yellow
            Me.Label3.BackgroundColor = Color.Gray
        Case Is = "RadioButton3"
            Me.Label1.BackgroundColor = Color.Gray
            Me.Label2.BackgroundColor = Color.Gray
            Me.Label3.BackgroundColor = Color.Yellow
    End Select
End Sub

Private Sub Btn_ChangeSelected_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Btn_ChangeSelected.Click
    Me.RadioButton1.Checked = True
End Sub

Private Sub Btn_PerformClick_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Btn_PerformClick.Click
End Sub

If you click Btn_ChangeSelected RadioButton1 will be checked but no event will be raised.

If you click Btn_PerformClick RadioButton1 will be checked and event will be raised.