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PHP: characters wrongly encoded in csv when using utf8_encode

I am facing a strange issue when extracting data from a MySql database and inserting it in a CSV file. In the database, the field value is the following:

K Secure Connection 1 año 1 PC

When I
it before writing it to the CSV file, I get the same as the above in my terminal.

I use the following code to write content to the CSV file:

fwrite($this->fileHandle, utf8_encode($lineContent . PHP_EOL));

Yet, when I open the CSV with LibreOffice Calc (and specify UTF-8 as the encoding format), the following is displayed:

K Secure Connection 1 año 1 PC

I have no idea why this happens. Can someone explain how to solve this?


SELECT @@character_set_database;



REM 2:

`var_dump($lineContent, bin2hex($lineContent))`


string(39) "Kaspersky Secure Connection 1 año 1 PC"
string(78) "4b6173706572736b792053656375726520436f6e6e656374696f6e20312061c3b16f2031205043"

Answer Source

The var_dump shows that the string is already encoded in UTF-8. Using utf8_encode on it will garble it (the function attempts a conversion from Latin-1 to UTF-8). You're therefore actually writing "año" encoded in UTF-8 into your file, which is then "correctly" picked up by LibreOffice.

Simply don't utf8_encode.

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