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"Unable to complete network request" or "connection rejected" for Firebird, on just one machine

I've got a seemingly unique issue on just one computer in the company (had to be my boss's). I've got a program from Borland C++ that uses a

. It connects to a local Firebird server running as an application. The other computers work fine.

It will absolutely not connect on this one lappy (local server) for anything. I remember he always had trouble with InterBase when it was installed as well. I think he installed up to 7.5 possibly. It's gone now and I went through and wiped out any old GDS32.dll files and updated them with the FireBird ones, and the connection is using fbclient.dll anyways...

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling FB and running it as a service. Didn't work.

I went into etc/services and added in this line:

gds_db 3050/tcp #Firebird

No dice.

Sticking "localhost:" in front of the database location gets this error

Unable to complete network request to host "localhost".
Failed to establish a connection.

I checked netstat, it's listening on port 3050...

Tried sticking "" before the database location, I get:

connection rejected by remote interface

Tried taking or localhost out entirely and just using the database location, which is the right location, I get

Unavailable Database.

The exact same CD works fine on other machines. I tried sticking "localhost", "", and nothing at all in front of the database location and all connect fine on other machines.

I've made him turn his firewall off, still no dice... This problem has been going on for a long time and I'm at the end of my rope. I've tried everything I can possibly think of. It works fine on my computer, blank test computers, for the beta testers... everybody except my boss. Any help would be vastly appreciated.

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I had "exactly" same problem now today 5/11-2011 and went to work quite methodically on the issue. Searched internet for hints and tips. I tried uninstalling my Firebird 2. I reinstalled it. Same error persisted when I tried using database via Delphi. I renamed GDS32.DLL in system32 folder and copied it from another computer where everything was working fine. Still same problem. Always refusing to connect to the database for some reason.

I checked the logfile of Firebird and.. yes. it always refuse, but when I use IB-Console, I can create a new database or work with existing ones.

I decided to do one final attempt and uninstalled Firebird again. I then deleted the rest of the installation in programfiles\firebird. I did a complete registry check with AML Free registry cleaner. (I think most good ones will do)

It found about 1500 entries that were invalid and I just decided to "Fix All"

When finished, I reinstalled firebird 2. Installed it as a server.


I can now use IBqueries and SQL Databases with Firebird in my development of software again. My best guess is that something was wrong with Windows Registry, although I can not pinpoint this.

Good luck and best regards. Morten, Norway, a very late Saturday evening.

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