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How to run a c# console application from windows task scheduler on server

When publishing my console app from VS2017, it creates a .application file that must be run to launch the program. Once I've placed it on the server, I can start it by CMD command, but the program often asks to be installed whenever I start it and if it does this then the task scheduler won't run it.

I just want to be able to run this project daily from the server without having to mess with it. Thanks.

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You can do this by taking all the dependent dll's and the following files:

  • exe
  • exe.config
  • application
  • exe.manifest

These are located in the project folder normally bin\debug. if you add all these in a folder and drop this on the server you should be able to run the exe without having to install.

from here you should just be able to create a task to run regularly.

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