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g++ not compiling with wildcard filenames on Windows

All of a sudden I seem to be struggling with compiling c++ programs (specifically TDM64 5.1.0) from the command-line on Windows (specifically 10) when using wildcard based filenames. It works fine when the names are given in full. I've done this countless times before with no problem Edit: But not normally on windows... my memories of this working before must be false. What am I missing?

C:\Users\Duncan Coulter\Code>dir *.cpp
Volume in drive C has no label.
Volume Serial Number is 9EE6-DBBD

Directory of C:\Users\Duncan Coulter\Code

2016/04/04 01:35 PM 7 869 LittleMan.cpp
2016/04/04 01:35 PM 1 912 main.cpp
2 File(s) 9 781 bytes
0 Dir(s) 90 288 394 240 bytes free

C:\Users\Duncan Coulter\Code>g++ *.cpp
g++: error: *.cpp: Invalid argument

C:\Users\Duncan Coulter\Code>g++ main.cpp LittleMan.cpp

Answer Source

Your problem is where you write:

g++ *.cpp

g++ is a linux style program, and expects the shell to expand wildcards for it. The windows command shell doesn't do that - it expects individual programs to expand wildcards for themselves.

The easiest solution is to download cygwin - which does expand wildcards for you. Otherwise the answers to this question may be useful:


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