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Android Question

Android Studio stuck on loading screen

Every time I run Android Studio, this loading screen pops up, but Android Studio stays here and doesn't load. It's like this following picture except that the loading bar is loaded all the way but stuck there. I am running Windows 10.

enter image description here

I have tried many things, including setting the system variables

to where my
is located and the same for
. I have also set a path. I ran as admin many times and let AS through a firewall.

I have also restarted and reinstalled countless times.

The version of AS is 2.0, and I am running the latest versions of Java.

Any help?

Answer Source
  • Open file Android Studio setup directory/bin/
  • Add to end
  • Restart Android Studio

PLEASE NOTE: This will break patch updating to the next version. We now check full binary checksums on the whole installation to prevent various install corruption bugs as well as to preserve application signatures. Therefore, make a copy of this file first, and before updating, put it back.

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