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Scala Question

Scala - grouping on an ordered iterator lazily

I have an

which is ordered on
this way:

Records of a specific ID could occur a large number of times, so I want to write a function that takes this iterator as input, and returns an
output in a lazy manner.

I was able to come up with the following, but it fails on
after 500K records or so:

def groupByIter[T, B](iterO: Iterator[T])(func: T => B): Iterator[Iterator[T]] = new Iterator[Iterator[T]] {
var iter = iterO
def hasNext = iter.hasNext

def next() = {
val first =
val firstValue = func(first)
val (i1, i2) = iter.span(el => func(el) == firstValue)
iter = i2
Iterator(first) ++ i1

What am I doing wrong?

Answer Source

Trouble here is that each Iterator.span call makes another stacked closure for trailing iterator, and without any trampolining it's very easy to overflow.

Actually I dont think there is an implementation, which is not memoizing elements of prefix iterator, since followed iterator could be accessed earlier than prefix is drain out.

Even in .span implementation there is a Queue to memoize elements in the Leading definition.

So easiest implementation that I could imagine is the following via Stream.

implicit class StreamChopOps[T](xs: Stream[T]) {
  def chopBy[U](f: T => U): Stream[Stream[T]] = xs match {
    case x #:: _ =>
      def eq(e: T) = f(e) == f(x)
      xs.takeWhile(eq) #:: xs.dropWhile(eq).chopBy(f)
    case _ => Stream.empty

Although it could be not the most performant as it memoize a lot. But with proper iterating of that, GC should handle problem of excess intermediate streams.

You could use it as myIterator.toStream.chopBy(f)

Simple check validates that following code can run without SO

Iterator.fill(10000000)(Iterator(1,1,2)).flatten //1,1,2,1,1,2,...
  .toStream.chopBy(identity)                     //(1,1),(2),(1,1),(2),...
  .map(xs => xs.sum * xs.size).sum               //60000000
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