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ADB | Having troubles with device connection

I am working flashing a custom ROM on a new device. Through a bit of research, I've found that I am able to completely circumvent the need to port Clockworkmod by simply using UniFlash on my Windows based laptop. From there, I am left with needing to port the ROM I desire, Cyanogenmod 12, to my device.

I've come to learn that I do not need to build from source, rather I can tailor an existing recovery to fit my device. I am unsure if that is true, so that may need to be cleared up. I went ahead and installed ADB and found a porting guide on the Cyanogenmod Wiki. This is where I am running into problems. I do not seem to have ADB permissions for my device.

When attempting to grab my build.prop, I get this return:

[email protected]:~$ adb pull /system/build.prop
* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
* daemon started successfully *
error: insufficient permissions for device

After realizing my computer may not see the device, I tried to see which were connected:

[email protected]:~$ adb devices
List of devices attached
???????????? no permissions

It seems I do not have any access to the device at all. USB Debugging is connected, it is a rooted device, and it is set show as a USB Storage. I'm sure if I can at least get this fixed, I should be able to find my way through the rest of the guide myself.

Thank you for any help I can receive!

EDIT 01-

So, I decided to do more digging, and I guess I needed to START the server as super user, and not just run commands in super user.

After running this command, I was able to use my others with permission:
[email protected]:~$ sudo adb start-server

Now, I am running into a problem in which my device is offline:

[email protected]:~$ adb pull /system/build.prop
error: device offline

After referring to this (set up device for development (?????? no permissions)) thread, I seem to get a new response:

[email protected]:~$ adb pull /system/build.prop
error: device not found

I feel it's safe to say I should remove 51-android.rules from my ~/rules.d/.

Edit 02:

It seems I have answered my own question with research. I guess I just needed to update to the newest version because Android 4.2+ requires bridge authorization to complete tasks, and my version did not know to do that! I was successfully able to pull my build.prop!

Answer Source

The reason is that when you connect the USB device it shows a popup asking if you want to allow your pc access the device. You have to accept that manually from the device.

Something like this

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