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UWP - Image Uri in Application Folder

I'm having a little issue here in showing images.

So when I'm trying to load images from XAML, I can use a relative uri to the image source like this :

<Image Source="/Assets/image.jpg" />

But if I try to change the image source programatically from code behind, I always get an exception and I'm sure it's because of the false Uri. I tried something like this :

BitmapImage bitmapImage = new BitmapImage(new Uri("/Assets/image.jpg"));

Am I doing it wrong? Any help will be appreciated, thanks!

Answer Source

To access files stored inside the application package, but from code where there is no inferred root authority, you need to specify the ms-appx: scheme :

So in your case it will be something like :

BitmapImage bitmapImage = 
                     new BitmapImage(new Uri("ms-appx://[project-name]/Assets/image.jpg"));

Read this documentation for more details :

Hope it helps.

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