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Java Question

StackOverflowError when calling method of subclass object?

Executing the Test class gives a StackOverFlow error :(

Parent class :

package Pack;

public class Alpha {
protected void sayHi() {
System.out.println("Hi...from Alpha");

Child class :

import Pack.Alpha;

public class AlphaSub extends Alpha {
AlphaSub sb=new AlphaSub() ;

void hi() {
sb.sayHi() ;


Test class :

public class test {
public static void main(String[] args) {

AlphaSub ob=new AlphaSub() ;
ob.hi() ;


Answer Source

Your stackoverflow has nothing to do with the inheritance, but with this line (inside AlphaSub):

AlphaSub sb=new AlphaSub() ;

You are creating a new AlphaSub instance inside your AlphaSub, which causes an endleess loop. I assume you don't even make it to the ob.hi() line in your test

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