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MySQL Question

Move Data between different Databases

i would like to know if there is any kind of tool to move data from one database to another. In my case i'm trying to move data from hsqldb to mysql.
I've already tried with mysql workbench, but it doesn't support hsqldb.

I think the worst case would be to export data into sql-files, modify these and try to import them in mysql.

Answer Source

My solution was SQL-Workbench, which can be used to copy/sync data between databases. You can execute sql-Files in the cli which makes it easy to run remote. To copy/move/snyc/whatever your data, just use WbCopy.


WbCopy -sourceConnection='username=SA,url=jdbc:hsqldb:/db/myDb' -targetConnection='username=root,url=jdbc:mysql://someIp:3306/myDB' -targetTable=SOMETABLE -sourceTable=SOMETABLE -ignoreIdentityColumns=false -mode=insert,update -keyColumns=ID -deleteTarget=false -continueOnError=false;

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