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PHP Question

Post comment with Facebook PHP API

I can post in my wall , friend's wall... but i need post a comment with fabook php api, something like this:

POST:         Helloo!

COMMENT: Hi!! <-PHP facebook API

POST in my wall :

$facebook->api('/feed/me/', 'post', array('message' => $message)); //Script running OK

POST in wall friend's:

$facebook->api('/ID_or_username_friend/feed/', 'post', array('message' => $message)); //Script running OK

but if use:

$facebook->api('/id_post/feed/', 'post', array('message' => $comment)); // nothing happens

they dont show any errors, but the comment is not posted :/ if i use another method i recive:

Uncaught OAuthException: Unknown path components:

any can help me ?

Answer Source

It is $facebook->api('/id_post/comments', ...

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