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How to hide Pin It button from images on my website when Chrome plugin is enabled

Hi I have chrome Pinterest plugin installed and when it is enabled, I see "Pin It" button (on hover) on all images on my website, How can i stop "Pin It" button to appear on my website, even when a chrome extension is enabled

After googling, I found the following on a blog:

You can easily disable this as an individual who has installed the
extension, but if you don’t want it to conflict with any other social
software you may have on your site, all you need to do is add this to
ever IMG tag:

<img src="myimage.jpg" data-pin-no-hover />

But that's for single image, is there any other way to override the plugin to disable "pin it" button from chrome extension? using JS/jQuery?

Chrome extension js:


<img src="myimage.jpg" data-pin-no-hover />
doesn't seem to work anymore

Answer Source

Okay I just read the Pinterest documentation, To disable the pinterest on a page or website, just add a meta tag:

<meta name="pinterest" content="nopin" />

And pinterest button will stop appearing on the website anymore.

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