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Does IntelliJ IDEA work on a 64-bit Windows system?

I have downloaded and installed IDEA 13.1. However, even having a 64-bit system, Windows has automatically installed the program in the folder

Program Files (x86)
, which is dedicated for 32-bit programs.

Is there another download for the 64-bit version or maybe a special setting to make it suitable for a 64-bit system?

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In C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\${Intellij Idea version}\bin, there is an executable called idea64.exe. This is for 64-bit systems. You can simply change your IntelliJ shortcut path to it.

You also need to add a new environment variable IDEA_JDK_64 pointing to your 64-bit JDK so IntelliJ can use a 64-bit JDK.

idea64.exe uses this JDK search sequence:

  1. IDEA_JDK_64 environment variable
  2. ..\jre64 directory
  3. system Registry
  4. JDK_HOME environment variable
  5. JAVA_HOME environment variable

More can be found in a related IntelliJ support article.

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