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Escaping regex in capture group

I have to extract a part of the string

say the string is

"this is a string "xyz" "

what i want to extract from here is the string


But the problem is i have 2 variants of the same string.

"this is a string "xyz" "
"this is a string - "

i want to extract

xyz or -

i've tried a extractor


this extracts - well and it extracts the string as well but i does not exclude the quotes.
the result i get when i give the 2 string as mentioned above are as follows

"xyz" instead of xyz
- as expected

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

Use look-around, i.e. replace:




(?<=") is positive look-behind, checking that the previous character is a ", but doesn't include it in the match.
(?=") is positive look-ahead, checking that the next character is a ", but doesn't include it in the match.

If you're searching for this inside a larger string, you may also want to replace .* with .*?. .*? will match as few characters as possible, where .* will match as many as possible. As an example, given abbbaabbba:

a.*a  finds abbbaabbba as one match
a.*?a finds abbba and abbba separately

These changes introduces a new problem though, as the look-around can try to match the outer braces, whereas a normal match couldn't. If you replace the .*'s with .+, it should prevent this problem (assuming this is valid for the - match, the quotes match should be the same because of using look-around).

Final regex:


I'm not sure what the .r was for.