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Changing Wit.ai Default Max Steps

For some reason I'm unable to increase the default max steps for my chat bot.

It seems that this number is now defined in lib/config.js rather than lib/wit.js like it used to be. No matter what I change the DEFAULT_MAX_STEPS constant to in my config file my bot seems to hit the same limit (5) before throwing the 'Max steps reached, stopping' error in my log when I want the bot to send a few responses/execute a few actions in a row.

I've tried linking the file the same way the example project seems to link to the wit.js and log.js files in the module via node-wit/lib

The config file:

enter image description here

How I've tried to link it to my index.js file:

enter image description here

I'm assuming I'm not referencing the config.js file properly...

Answer Source

I'll write example steps of using node-wit

1) create and app folder, go to it and run: npm init

2) run npm i --save node-wit

3) app.js :

const {Wit, log, config} = require('node-wit');
const client = new Wit({accessToken: 'MY_TOKEN'});

4) from documentation:


A higher-level method to the Wit converse API. runActions resets the last turn on new messages and errors.

Takes the following parameters:

sessionId - a unique identifier describing the user session
message - the text received from the user
context - the object representing the session state
maxSteps - (optional) the maximum number of actions to execute (defaults to 5)

so I'll add MAX_STEPS to example there:

const MAX_STEPS = 25;
const sessionId = 'some-session-id';
const context0 = {};
  .runActions(sessionId, 'events nearby', context0, MAX_STEPS)
  .then((context1) => {
    return client.runActions(sessionId, 'how about in London?', context1, MAX_STEPS - 1);
  .then((context2) => {
    console.log('The session state is now: ' + JSON.stringify(context2));
  .catch((e) => {
    console.log('Oops! Got an error: ' + e);
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