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C# EPPlus OpenXML count rows

With EPPlus and OpenXML does anyone know the syntax on how to count the rows?

Say my worksheet is called "worksheet"

int numberRows = worksheet.rows.count()
? or

I'm certainly interested in the answer, but how to find the answer would be cool to, like "Go to definition" and look for this or that, etc.

Answer Source

With a worksheet object called 'worksheet', worksheet.Dimension.Start.Row and worksheet.Dimension.End.Row should give you the information you need.

worksheet.Dimension.Address will give you a string containing the worksheet dimensions in the traditional Excel range format (e.g. 'A1:I5' for rows 1-5, columns 1-9).

There is a documentation file available. In many cases it might be just as quick to play around with the library and find the answer that way. EPPlus seems to be well designed - everything seems to be logically named, at least.

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