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C# Question

SignalR with Certificates

I want to create a simple SignalR application.
Using http everything works fine, but when i try to use https and certificates the application don't work.

For now, the only thing i want to do is get the Client's Certificate in the server.

Server (Authentication Handler):

public class ClientCertificateAuthenticationHandler : AuthenticationHandler<ClientCertificateAuthenticationOptions>
protected override Task<AuthenticationTicket> AuthenticateCoreAsync()
var cert = Context.Get<X509Certificate>("ssl.ClientCertificate");

if (cert == null)
return Task.FromResult<AuthenticationTicket>(null);

return Task.FromResult<AuthenticationTicket>(null);
return null;

Client (Hub)

var connection = new HubConnection("https://localhost:8080/");
IHubProxy myHub = connection.CreateHubProxy("MyHub");

Doing this, in the server when i do
var cert = Context.Get<X509Certificate>("ssl.ClientCertificate");
i get

So, what i'm doing wrong?

Answer Source

YOu also have to tell IIS to use the client certificate. IN web.config do

  <location path="signalr">
        <access sslFlags="SslNegotiateCert" />

my working code

    var cert = ServiceCallHelper.GetClientCertificate();
    var url = new Uri(Settings.CoreUrl);
    var str = String.Format("https://{0}/cert_signalr", url.Host);
    var hub = new HubConnection(str, false);


        object cert = null;
        if (!hub.Context.Request.Environment.TryGetValue("ssl.ClientCertificate", out cert) ||
            !(cert is X509Certificate2))
            s_logger.WarnFormat("Hub {0} called without certificate or cookie", hub.Context.Request.ToString());
            throw new Exception("not authenticated");
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