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Laravel Eloquent inner join with multiple conditions

I have a question about inner joins with multiple on values.
I did build my code like this in laravel.

public function scopeShops($query) {
return $query->join('kg_shops', function($join)
$join->on('kg_shops.id', '=', 'kg_feeds.shop_id');
// $join->on('kg_shops.active', '=', "1"); // WRONG
// EDITED ON 28-04-2014
$join->on('kg_shops.active', '=', DB::raw("1"));


Only problem is, it gives this outcome:

Column not found: 1054 Unknown column '1' in 'on clause' (SQL: select `kg_feeds`.* from `kg_feeds` inner join `kg_shops` on `kg_shops`.`id` = `kg_
feeds`.`shop_id` and `kg_shops`.`active` = `1`) (Bindings: array ( ))

As you can see, the multiple conditions in the join go fine, but it thinks the
is a column instead of a string. Is this even possible, or do I have to fix it in the where.

Thanks in advance!

Answer Source
return $query->join('kg_shops', function($join)
   $join->on('kg_shops.id', '=', 'kg_feeds.shop_id');

 ->select('required column names') 
 ->where('kg_shops.active', 1)
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