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C# Question

How do I check for duplicate answers in this array? c#

Sorry for the newbie question. Could someone help me out? Simple array here. What's the best/easiest method to check all the user input is unique and not duplicated? Thanks

private void btnNext_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

string[] Numbers = new string[5];

Numbers[0] = txtNumber1.Text;
Numbers[1] = txtNumber2.Text;
Numbers[2] = txtNumber3.Text;
Numbers[3] = txtNumber4.Text;
Numbers[4] = txtNumber5.Text;

foreach (string Result in Numbers)



I should have added I need to check to happen before the numbers are output. Thanks

Answer Source

One simple approach is via LINQ:

bool allUnique = Numbers.Distinct().Count() == Numbers.Length;
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