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Filter map using Leaflet and Shiny in R - multiple value attributes

I am trying to filter points on a map based on attributes. It works fine as long as one attribute contains only one value. In case that one attribute has multiple values (i.e. "water;sand") I am not able to map this point based on the filter.

Here is my minimum example:

mydat <- data.table( londd=c(20, 38, 96, 32),
latdd=c(60, 56, 30, 31),
art=c("mountain", "water,sand", "sand", "forest"),

#Set up ui
ui <- shinyUI(fluidPage(
sidebarPanel(h5("", width=2),
checkboxGroupInput(inputId="ArtFlag", label=h4("Art des Bodens"),
choices=setNames(object=c("mountain", "water", "sand", "forest"),
nm=c("mountain", "water", "sand", "forest"))),
checkboxGroupInput(inputId="AnwendungFlag", label=h4("Anwendung"),
#App mainPanel content and styles

#Set up server
server <- function(input, output){
#Build leaflet map
lmap <- leaflet(data=mydat)%>%
addProviderTiles("Stamen.TonerLite", options = providerTileOptions(noWrap = TRUE)) %>%
fitBounds(~min(londd), ~min(latdd), ~max(londd), ~max(latdd))

#Filter data
datFilt <- reactive(mydat[art%in%input$ArtFlag & anwendung%in%input$AnwendungFlag])

#Add markers based on selected flags
if(nrow(datFilt())==0) {print("Nothing selected");leafletProxy("lmap") %>% clearShapes()}
else{ #print(paste0("Selected: ", unique(input$InFlags & input$InFlags2)))

leafletProxy("lmap", data=datFilt())%>%clearShapes()%>%
addCircleMarkers(lng=~londd, lat=~latdd,
clusterOptions=markerClusterOptions(), weight=3,
color="#33CC33", opacity=1, fillColor="#FF9900",
fillOpacity=0.8)%>% clearShapes()

output$lmap <- renderLeaflet(lmap)

#Run app
shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server)

I am sorry if my coding is not well formatted. I am still a beginner.

Thanks a lot,


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Well, I'm not 100% sure this solves what you're looking for, so please leave a comment if it doesn't. Your problem is in your reactive statement - you don't have a checkbox for "water,sand", so you'll never get a match for checkbox B. To get a match for checkbox B regardless of if water or sand was selected, I tried this, using grepl to get a pattern match, rather than an exact match. Try changing your datFilt call to this:

  #Filter data
  datFilt <- reactive({

    filterName <- ifelse(length(input$ArtFlag) == 0, 'none', input$ArtFlag)

    mydat[grepl(filterName, art) & anwendung%in%input$AnwendungFlag]

(This is probably not the most efficient code to do this, but hopefully it will either work or get you closer to what you're looking for. In a perfect world, it might be easier to code for this if the structure of your data was different, but not sure if that's an option for you or not)