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SQL Question

Simple online database

I am not an expert in servers or databases, but I have the following question.

I want to create a database online, containing basic data, that is needed for my app. I don't want to write to the database from the app at all, but read from it.

Is there any service where I can build a database online, simply without programmatic code. I am looking for a service that basically will be like excel, easy to make some tables with values, easy to change data when necessary. All the dealing with the database can be online, in a easy interface. I just need to request the data from the app, and it will be sent from the server as a json or something.

Is there any service like this?


Answer Source

You can do this task with the help of phpMyAdmin.

Nowadays, most web hosting providers also provide service for database hosting service.

Whenever you choose a website hosting service, you can make a database from their cPanel and then handle it using phpMyAdmin. This tool lets you configure your databse properly with the GUI functions.

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