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RainLoop - Pass values in a URL link and automatically Sign In

I am trying to pass a value using a link.

For example, if I want to add an email and password for a user to Sign In straight away in the RainLoop webmail.

I am trying using""&RainLoopPassword="12345"


Is this possible to do?

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It is possible but you will have to rewrite the rainloop PHP files by yourself. Also parsing passwords via the GET method is a very bad idea. Get commands will stay in your history so everyone who types in will see the ?RainLoopPassword="12345" also. It's not recommended, but possible. Another safer solution will be using the POST method. I suspect you will use this for you bookmarks or something? You can make an AJAX page which sends a POST request with the username and password to This way nobody will see your passwords and the effect is the same.

EDIT: For using an AJAX page you have to own a webserver, or register on a free hosting like

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