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Python JSON serialize a Decimal object

I have a

as part of an object, and wish to encode this to a JSON string which should look like
{'x': 3.9}
. I don't care about precision on the client side, so a float is fine.

Is there a good way to serialize this? JSONDecoder doesn't accept Decimal objects, and converting to a float beforehand yields
{'x': 3.8999999999999999}
which is wrong, and will be a big waste of bandwidth.

Answer Source

How about subclassing json.JSONEncoder?

class DecimalEncoder(json.JSONEncoder):
    def _iterencode(self, o, markers=None):
        if isinstance(o, decimal.Decimal):
            # wanted a simple yield str(o) in the next line,
            # but that would mean a yield on the line with super(...),
            # which wouldn't work (see my comment below), so...
            return (str(o) for o in [o])
        return super(DecimalEncoder, self)._iterencode(o, markers)

Then use it like so:

json.dumps({'x': decimal.Decimal('5.5')}, cls=DecimalEncoder)
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