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I can't see a nearby notification in association with a beacon

My device got yesterday the update of the google services app.

I have tested the google nearby notifications on Android with two beacons, one iBeacon and one Eddystone-UID.

These beacons are active, and are correctly registered in the platform.
(I see them as registred in the Android Beacon Tool app).

I added to them an url nearby notification attachment from the Google Beacons Dashboard.

My device does not receive any notifications in relation with these beacons
while my device correctly receives the one from a physical web beacon (emitting an Eddystone-url) with the new nearby notification system (not the Chrome one)

Is the nearby notification ready with iBeacon and Eddystone-UID ?

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Answer Source

My problem seems to be a language management bug in the google proximity platform.

My mobile is in french. I added an attachement with as language "fr". I can't get it.

If I put an attachement with as language "en", I can see it on my phone in the "nearby discoveries" page (while my phone is in french)

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